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Mama Cash, St.

Begunstigden: Vrouwen

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Actief in



Mama Cash strijdt voor een rechtvaardige, vreedzame en duurzame wereld en steunt daartoe het maatschappelijke veranderingsproces dat gericht is op een gelijke verdeling van macht en middelen.
Daartoe streeft Mama Cash naar volledige participatie van vrouwen en meisjes in alle maatschappelijke en economische sectoren en naar volledige zeggenschap over hun eigen lichaam.
Haar werkwijze is om vernieuwende, creatieve en duurzame activiteiten van vrouwengroepen en meidengroepen en hun voortrekkers op dit vlak te ondersteunen en te versterken.
Zij doet dit middels verschillende activiteiten, maar met name door initiatieven en projecten van vrouwen en meiden financieel te faciliteren door middel van subsidies en door het creëren van netwerken.
Daarnaast wil Mama Cash een inspirend voorbeeld zijn voor alle vrouwen en mannen die dromen van een rechtvaardige wereld en die financiële ondersteuningen willen bieden om deze dromen te verwezenlijken.

Behaalde resultaten  
Hier staat wat de belangrijkste (niet-financiële) resultaten zijn. Deze gegevens zijn niet in detail door het CBF gecontroleerd.

Yes we did!
Highlights of our 2012 goals and accomplishments:
We said we would award €5.2 million to women’s, girls’ and trans people’s rights organisations and women’s funds worldwide.
· We awarded €5.199 million in 126 grants to 118 organisations and women’s funds in 65 countries. That is 99.9% of what we projected in 2011 and 46% more than in 2011.
· We increased grantmaking significantly in large part because of a grant to the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defender and the Red Umbrella Fund’s grantmaking
· 44% of the 126 grants were first-time grants and 56% were renewal grants.

We said we would raise €7,673 million in income.
· We raised €7.750 million in income representing 101% of our 2012 budget projections.
· We raised €1.3 million from the Dutch Postcode Lottery to support the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders.
· We aimed to secure € 700,000 for the Red Umbrella Fund but found it more difficult than we had hoped. We secured €611,650 of which € 143,747 was from Mama Cash.

We said we would influence philanthropic priorities and paradigms.
· We launched the GrantCraft guide ‘Funding for Inclusion’ to provide guidelines and best practices in bringing a gender lens to grantmaking.
· We participated in international data collection efforts to share knowledge about philanthropy to contribute to securing and advancing respect for human rights and social justice.

We said we would build a community of practice focused on funding girls.
· In 2011, and together with our grantee FCAM (Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres), Mama Cash invited nine other women’s funds from around the world to create a Community of Practices in Support of Young Women and Girls. When we started, most of the participating funds had little or no experience in this area. Only FCAM and the Ukrainian Women’s Fund had been running programmes with groups of girls and/or young women’s group, in which girls and young women were included in decision-making.
· By 2012, all eleven Community of Practice funds were supporting groups of girls and young women with girls and young women in leadership positions: these girls’ and your women’s groups received a total of 128 grants. Many of the funds are including girls and young women in decision-making about which girls’ groups to fund.

We said we would extend our reach and diversify our communications and donor engagement strategies.
· We launched research on how best to support women of wealth in Europe to make bold gifts for women’s rights.
· We got more press coverage about women’s funds than ever before, including a series of blog posted from by women’s funds from the Global South and East in Alliance Magazine.
· We launched a project to thoroughly document Mama Cash’s history, and made great progress in 2012, so that the project could be launched as part of our anniversary celebrations on March 8, 2013.

Sometimes, we didn’t manage to do everything we planned to.
We said the new website would be ready, and that proved too ambitious. But we are happy to say it is coming very soon.

Accomplishments of the organisations we support.
We said that we would increase attention to controversial or marginalized issues in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights.
The Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito (National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion) in Argentina advocates tirelessly for women’s access to legal, safe and free abortion, and its message has succeeded in moving public opinion: 60% in Argentina now support the decriminalisation of abortion. In March 2012, the Argentinian Supreme Court of Justice issued a ruling that invalidated restrictive interpretations of the penal code and legalised abortion in pregnancies resulting from rape. The Campaign considers this an historic victory not only because women pregnant as a result of rape can legally access abortion, but also because the media’s attention to the issue of abortion has increased dramatically. While the Campaign acknowledges steep political challenges, its objective now is to intensify its advocacy for parliamentary consideration of a proposed law to legalise abortion.

We said we would support groups working to create a world in which women, girls and trans people are valued as economic actors.
EMPOWER Chiang Mai, a self-led group of sex workers in Thailand, was invited in April to address the Association of South East Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) Parliamentary Commission on the issue of sex work: a great step forward in breaking down stigmas with policy makers at the regional level.

We said we would support groups of women, girls and trans people to actively resist militarism and fundamentalism.
In Chechnya, women are speaking out in public fora against polygamy, forced marriage and dress codes for women, as a result of training and organising by the organisation Women for Development; this is a groundbreaking achievement for women living and working in a challenging and dangerous context.

We said we would support women’s funds around the world to make new and more resources available to women’s grassroots groups.
From 2011 to 2012, in the context of economic and financial crisis, the combined income of the 18 women’s funds that Mama Cash supports grew by nearly 19% from €6.355.031 to €7.572.171! This growth is a testament to the creativity and determination of these women’s funds and means that more money is reaching the women’s, girls’ and trans people’s groups in nearly 50 countries around the world where these funds make grants.

We said we would support groups to shift power relations in formal and informal spaces, making sure that women have a seat at decision-making tables.
Centre Régional d’Appui et de Développement des Initiatives Féminines (CRADIF) in Cameroon has succeeded in changing the hearts and minds of local leaders on issues of land, property and inheritance rights for women. CRADIF’s advocacy in local village meetings led 15 community chiefs to sign a declaration of respect for women’s land, property and inheritance rights.

De Activiteiten geven aan wat de organisatie doet om de doelstelling te bereiken. Deze gegevens zijn niet in detail door het CBF gecontroleerd.

De team`s van Mama Cash richten zich op het stimuleren van de zeggenschap over het eigen lichaam, het recht om te leven in veiligheid, het vergroten van de economische rechtvaardigheid en het bevorderen van de financiële onafhankelijkheid.