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Sinchi Foundation

Supporting Indigenous communities and raising awareness about the essential role they play in protecting the environment.
Info Sinds 1 december 2021

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Violation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples and the destruction of the environment. The success of these actions is essential, if we are serious about solving the interconnected environmental, human rights and health crises impacting the whole of humanity.

Dit is waar we trots op zijn

Developing transformative project in the Tapajos (Brazil), in cooperation of CITA, the Indigenous council that represents the 13 ethnic groups from 80+ communities in the region. Via access to justice, infrastructure and self-sustainability, it will have generational impact.

Dit willen we bereiken
Provide the resources that enable indigenous communities to effectively protect their lands and the ecosystems they steward. Promote the importance of our relationship to nature, community and living in balance with the environment Create new allies through arts & media.
Dit gaven we uit in 2020 € 5.674
  • Beheer en administratie 53%
  • Werving 47%
Zo bereiken we ons doel
1. We've collaborated on 9 successful projects around the world. Providing funding, workshops, ,documentation & campaign support.
2. Created a global media platform in NATV, that amplifies Indigenous Voices. Each monthly edition with a different educational theme.
3. Through various events; film, music and presentations that engages new audiences to listen & learn from Indigenous perspectives.
4. Our annual Indigenous art awards which promotes the decolonization of the arts and the importance of art as a vehicle for change.
Dit besteedden we in 2020 aan het maatschappelijk doel Info € 0
Zo komen wij aan ons geld
Currently through private & company donations. Plus various fundraising initiatives (Such as events, our web-store and campaigns). Our core objective is to now secure grant funding.
Dit waren onze inkomsten in 2020 € 5.552
  • Bedrijven 100%
Dit waren onze reserves en fondsen in 2020 Info € -188
  • Overige reserves - 100%
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Sector Internationale hulp en mensenrechten
Doelgroepen 6 doelgroepen
Actief in 11 landen

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